Propane Master – All you need to know

As a fuel

What are your fuel options? Is propane one of them? The current fuel options on the market range from the fossil fuels we’ve been using for many years to the hybrid electric cars now made by all auto manufacturers. There are many other potential fuels as well such as Biofuel and ethanol that can now be a realistic way to power your engine. It may not sound like much of an alternative to petroleum but it actually is.

Most of us already make use of it for cooking on barbecues or to power outdoor accessories. Though some people have propane vehicles, it isn’t as common as petroleum. It is a gas that is converted to a liquid form in order for it to be used. It must be converted so that it is in a portable form and can then be put in tanks and moved. Though is derived from fossil fuels, it tends to be much safer. It is perfectly safe for heating homes instead of using natural gas. It may be wise to consider using it for vehicles as well since it clearly does have some advantages.

When compared to natural gas for cooking it proves to be cleaner burning and leaves food much more flavorful. It is given an additive, a certain type of alcohol called ethanethiol. This gives the product a very distinct scent so that it can easily be detected in the event of a spill or leak. Overall it is relatively nontoxic.

If it is abused as an inhalant it could become very deadly but with proper use it is quite harmless.

Another advantage is that it is often cheaper than gas and tends to last longer with normal driving. It can be a change that eases the tension on your wallet.

Propane retail

A propane powered vehicle might not get as much power as a gas engine but most owners claim not to notice a difference. An added safety benefit is that a propane tank is much stronger than a gas tank and therefore is more resistant to any form of damage such as punctures. Some people make the decision to convert their gasoline car over to propane. This can be done though it does cost thousands of dollars. If you plan to do something like this, be sure to see a professional so it is done correctly. It’s important to really consider why you want to make the switch. Either way, it is still a fossil fuel and regardless, they are bad for the earth and they are not renewable resources.

Fueling up can be an issue too. You will likely have to make note of each gas station that has propane, not all of them do. If your goal is simply to save a little money then it may be a great option for you. However, if you wish to make a difference on a global scale then a hybrid or flex fuel may be preferable.

Do your research on all fuel types so you know what you’re really dealing with. Information is a major component of going Green.

For outdoor use

What if you could eat outside and stay warm at the same time… The patio outside your home ought to be a distinctive place for you and your visitors to calm down and live trouble-free. It should be an inviting and pleasant refuge with nearly all things as ideal as achievable.




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Outdoor heating is a beautiful addition to any backyard, as well as being an efficient source of heating on those cool nights. Many people have nice backyards but can’t take advantage of them due to lack of a good fire source. Fires always bring people together during cold days, and a beautiful outdoor gas fire pit is a great option since it is attractive and, unlike a wood fire, does not cause smoke.

Outdoor gas fire pits are made of metal or stone, for the purposes of containing the fire within the pit. They provide a beautiful visual element for the outdoors and are used for heating and even cooking in backyards and other outdoor locations. Anyone who would like to have a gas pit can have it specifically made, or alternatively purchase one of the many ready-made versions on the market. Gas fire pits generally function on propane or natural gas, and they come in different, aesthetically-pleasing styles. They last a long time and require very little effort to maintain. Starting the fire is also easy as compared to lighting a wood fire – there is no need to struggle with smoking logs to get that beautiful, warm fire. An added advantage is that you can place the pit on a wooden deck without fear of the fire destroying your beautiful patio finish.

If you live in a city, having a gas fire pit on your patio is a better option as it’s a clean, environmentally friendly fire that doesn’t contaminate the surrounding area.

Families and friends can enjoy it while having barbeques and picnics outdoors. There is no need to go to the countryside to enjoy the ambience of a camp fire.

Since they use gas rather than wood or coal, they burn with a clean flame and don’t produce dangerous smoke emissions. This is a much better alternative, bearing in mind the kind of living arrangements found in cities.Outdoor gas fire pits are not just restricted to one type of fireplace design; they are available in different shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. Many people use them in conjunction with wonderful outdoor furniture to create an even better-looking outdoor area. Needless to say, they are great for those chilly nights outdoors, when you can share hot chocolate with your loved ones or sip a glass of wine with colleagues.

In most cities, fires are generally severely restricted, but outdoor gas fires are exempted as they pose fewer risks and are easier to control.

When getting an outdoor gas fire pit, you have the option of choosing one that operates in a fixed location, or alternatively buying a portable model. Portables are much better because you can move them from place to place at will. They also normally offer 360 degree access, which means you can have more people gathered around the fire enjoying the warmth. It’s also easier to control the temperature as you can increase or reduce the intensity of the fire by means of a switch or dial. Outdoor gas fire pits are available in different fuel types. There are propane fire pits that require you to use a gas supply from a gas tank, refilling the tank when it is empty. The better option would be those outdoor natural gas fire pits that use a home gas line for their gas supply.

The only drawback with this type is that they are not portable and thus have to be used close to the gas outlet in the home. Some gas fires are dual purpose and so can function with both a gas tank and from your home gas supply. When choosing outdoor gas fire pits, it is always wise to invest in units that specifically suit your needs as well as your property. The various fire pits on the market are made of different materials such as steel, porcelain, or aluminum that can resist strong heat. This is normally the inner structure that is closest to the flame.The outer structure of the gas fire pit is usually made of materials that are aesthetically appealing, such as metal, stone, or retardant resin material. The outer structure is generally designed to create an appealing outer covering to suit any preference.

Portable gas fires are normally designed to double as tables when not in use. They can be decorative pieces that fit in nicely with the design of typical outdoor furniture.When it comes to gas fires, the importance of taking BTU ratings into consideration cannot be ignored. BTU ratings are measurements of consumption or deliverable power applicable to gas appliances. In essence they are the amount of heating a gas appliance is capable of generating and the ratings are expressed in a per hour figure. These measurements are used to match appliances to their proper use and required need. Taking this into consideration will allow you to choose the right gas for the right function and the right accessories, such as pipes, to go along with it.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor gas fire pits come in individual BTU ratings and the lower they are the smaller and safer the fire will be. This is an important consideration to put in mind when it comes to choosing fire pits to use in windy areas where fires can easily start. There is also an added choice of getting fire pits with grates and utensils for cooking that can be of great use in barbeques and when entertaining outdoors. Generally outdoor gas fire pits are a wonderful addition in any home. It’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure all safety guidelines are adhered to so as to avoid accidents especially where children are concerned.

1Check the state of the flooring on which the gas fires will be placed to avoid damages.

2Some gas fire pits do not come in a pedestal style and when placed on your patio or deck will burn it.

All in all there is no limit to the styles and sizes of outdoor gas fire pits available to consumers it’s all a matter of making an informed and tailor made choices for your home.

But when it comes to cooking outdoors, safety is of the utmost importance. In order to properly light a grill, it’s important to have the right tools and use the right process. Most grills will come with instructions on how to light it, but for those who aren’t experienced in the art of cooking outdoors might need practice.

Before lighting the grill, check to make sure that the tank is properly hooked up according the manufacturer’s instructions. A tank that is improperly hooked up can be extremely dangerous, so make sure that the connection is tight and there are no leaks. Generally, if there are leaks, you will be able to hear or smell them when the propane is on.

Once the tank is properly hooked up, install the burner shield over the actual tank. The burner shield is a metal plate with vents that evenly distribute the flames over the area of the grill. This generally produces a better and more efficient cooking process.

When you are ready to light your grill, turn on the gas by opening the valve on the tank. If you are unfamiliar as to where this is located, check your user’s manual. Once you’ve turned the gas on, it’s time to turn on the grill itself. Depending on the make and model of grill, the process of turning it on will be different.

Check the instructions if you are having trouble figuring out how to turn on your grill. Once the gas and the grill are both turned on, you should be able to hear a slight hissing sound as the gas begins to flow. If there are multiple heating elements on your grill, it’s wise to use the lighter to light them separately instead of simultaneously.

Choosing a system

A great way to supply energy to your home or RV, a propane system usually involves four basic parts. First is the tank, which is stored until it is used, one or more regulators that maintain a constant pressure between the container and internal appliances, piping that carries the tank to the appliances, and the appliances themselves.

One of the most portable and versatile forms of energy, it has the properties of turning into liquid under low pressure which makes it easy to transport and store. If you are thinking about switching your home or RV to a system there are a many advantages as well as things to remember.

Generally priced lower than gasoline, the system can come in a few different forms. An open-loop system does not control electronics, so you can’t really gauge how well the system is doing, while a closed-loop system has conductors that return data on energy consumption and performance. Many individuals generally prefer the closed-loop system simply because it is easier to monitor and adjust, but, of course these are more expensive than the alternative.

Because pressure must be regulated in order to avoid hazards, the type of tank you choose becomes incredibly important. Many residential systems use either a permanently installed tank or portable containers where the fuel is stored as liquid. Sizes of tanks vary from 250 gallons all the way up to 1000 gallons. Because there is such a variation in size, it’s important to measure the specs of your environment to make sure the tank will accommodate your living quarters. The size of the tank will also depend on the number of appliances and their BTU output.

Tanks generally operate under the same guidelines where the liquid gas stays at the bottom of the tank and the vapor fills the top.

As the oil is taken into the form that is useable from its petroleum type, it gives off propane, together with several other gases. This makes it of a resource that is restricted, although there are a few big tanks which can be found in the Midwest which are kept in salt mines. Those underground storage tanks are enormous, and there are lots of them. Generally, it’s these trucks that can take it to 3000 gallon tanks which are offered at your local provide. From that point, you’ll have the ability to fill your tanks that are smaller and take them for use.

Propane storage

There are various accessories which are offered for their sake as well, although the majority of these storage tanks are included. As an example, it is necessary to keep the valves correctly so the tank will not develop a flow. For some functions, including for use in a hot air balloon, it might be required to be able to maintain the pressure within the tank to use nitrogen padding. Having this nitrogen padding accessible can make it simpler to maintain the pressure within the tank and keep the balloon aloft as the temperatures can drop quickly at higher elevations. In addition, it helps balloon operators to avert a number of the dangerous practices, like heating them with fire, or subverting the tanks in hot water. Suitable gas pressure gauges should be considered here.

While you might just see a number of the propane storage tanks that are smaller, they definitely are accessible. Next occasion you get this alkane to be used at your house, cease to consider a few of the procedure for receiving it from the subterranean storage to where it’s situated in your neighborhood. Additionally consider a number of the safety accessories and features which are offered to be able to supply us with a clean fuel that’s somewhat affordable.

Tank sizes

Tanks come in many different sizes. The size varies depending on your use and energy requirements. It is used as fuel in residential, industrial and agricultural areas. Choosing the right size, according to your requirements and needs, may save a lot of fuel and money.


In commercial area, high amount of supply is needed to fuel several heating applications. In residential areas, it can be used for indoor cooking, heating water, and clothes drying. To obtain the optimum tank sizing for your commercial or residential requirements, you need to supply the following guidelines to your company:

  • Geographical location of establishment.
  • Quantity requirement of various appliances at home or applications in industry.
  • Total area or total square footage of your commercial or residential establishment.
  • Specifications of pool heating requirements in residential locations.

With these guidelines, the gas company can get an idea of your daily consumption of fuel and suggest a right size to use. By regulation, just about 80 % of tank volume is filled up. The pressure exerted by a this gas is quite high and for that reason, these tanks has to be dealt with cautiously.

Chart of different tank sizes

Portable tank sizes for such applications are given in the table below. These portable tanks are generally called bottles. They’re used with portable grills and heaters. You can use them for grilling, and cooking.

Sizes Weight Diameter Length
4.7 Gallons 38 lbs 12.5 inches 18 inches
7.1 Gallons 54 lbs 12.5 inches 24 inches
9.4 Gallons 70 lbs 12.5 inches 29 inches
23.6 Gallons 170 lbs 14.5 inches 48 inches


Because of the large variation of weather and climate patterns all over United states, the propane needs also vary from location to location. Since it is used in residential areas too, the volume of use will change with the type of climate in the place of use. Heating systems based on it can be purchased now very commonly. Colder areas will naturally need more volume of propane than mild areas. The tank sizes will even change accordingly. Ensure that the gas company gives you right tank size. A table is listed below which will show you the different sizes for residential areas. The propane tanks are mostly in a form of cylindrical capsule. Actual specs for sizes may vary based on maker.

Sizes Weight Diameter Length
150 Gallons 320 lbs 25 inches 85 inches
250 Gallons 485lbs 30 inches 92 inches
500 Gallons 950 lbs 37 inches 120 inches
1000 Gallons 1750 lbs 41 inches 190 inches

Security considerations

One of the most significant uses is for BBQ grills. There are some very important consumer safety dos and don’ts regarding to the safe and effective use of your Propane Grill Cylinder. Always use your grill in a well-ventilated area, NEVER bring your cylinder indoors or into any enclosed space such as a garage or shed.

Please make sure to follow all manufacturers’ guidelines and instruction regarding use, care and maintenance of your gas cylinder.

Always ensure that your gas grill is turned off and cool before covering after use. Be sure to turn your grill off not only at the ignition source but also at the cylinder, make sure that all valves are in the shut off position when not in use. It is recommended practice to regularly check your propane cylinder with a leak detection fluid to ensure that all connections and seals are tight. You can obtain leak detection fluid by called your local dealer.

  • Never use lighters or matches to check your cylinderfor leaks.
  • Refrain from smoking while using your cylinder.
  • Prevent children from playing with or tampering with your tank.
  • Do not leave your cylinder in your vehicle for extended periods of time.
  • Keep your cylinder from being exposed to high temperatures, this includes storing spare cylinders near or underyour grill.
  • Have your cylinder serviced and checked by your supplier on a regular basis, check to make sure that your flame is burning blue. If flames are burning yellow this indicates that there is a blockage in the air inlets or that the burners need to be adjusted.
  • Keep your range and grill surfaces clean. If a leak is suspected, or a significant release of gas is detected call the fire department immediately, remove all people and pets from the vicinity and wait for the fire department to arrive.



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